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About 17Edu

Finding Inspiration in Possibilities

17Edu provides comprehensive educational services in North America. Over the past couple of years, 17Edu has partnered with top universities and collaborate with many fortune 500 companies to provide numerous quality programs and opportunities for students from both China and Canada. The platform brings together educational elites from all over the world to provide more than 2000 high-quality public welfare courses for young people during the pandemic, which are well received by the governments and communities at all three levels.


 Enterprise Mentorship Program

Advanced Corporate Enterprise Program

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovative Application Program

Professional Project Training Program

Tutoring courses to Child from age 6-10

Global Education Certification Program

Montessori Training Program

Soft Skill Training and Community Practice Program

Contacts Us

Phone: 416-571-9367

Office:  3470 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON M1W 2S7

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