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​数据分析Data Analysis​

​时间:2021年3月17日 -2021年4月15日


Project Objective


COVID-19 has dramatically changed a lot of norms in business and everyday life. In response to the unexpected disruption imposed by the pandemic, businesses suddenly switched to a survival mode, entering remote work with few – if any – previous planning. However, most businesses now recognize the importance of going into a “redesign” – instead of “survival” – mode to come up with a successful operating model for the future and these businesses seek out the services of PwC to analyze the market and provide them insightful recommendations in order to improve on their services, products, and overall business model. Using data analytics allows PwC to analyze the raw data (big data) in order to make conclusions by revealing trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass information and with so many changes happening in this current society. This information can be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of business and systems.

In this project PwC aims to use data analytics to identify the change of habits and work norms as a preliminary step to redesigning future operating models in the era following the pandemic. This includes researching and investigating changes in the following key areas:

  • Understand workforce requirements in post-COVID era by analyzing various demographics

  • Identify changes in work habits and new requirements after COVID-19 using firsthand surveys with different stakeholders and data analytics

  • Best practices that organizations can leverage given the systemic changes to improve employee performance and productivity

  • Business real estate requirements given the increasing potential and dependence on working remotely

  • Enhancing client engagement using emerging technology in the post-COVID era

About Program

WPE is a four-week Workplace Education Program that provides a virtual platform for  students in the areas of finance, business, technology and analytics. This is an opportunity for them to apply their learning in a real finance / business / technology / analytic environment to cultivate management concepts and develop skills and expertise they are unable to attain in their university studies.

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Project Approach

The project focus is to provide recommendations for both PwC as a consultant and its clients on maximizing work practices and productivity.


The project spans four weeks where the following areas are investigated through primary and secondary research, and findings are analyzed before giving a set of final recommendations:

  • Recognizing the shift in work habits

  • Researching newly developed work practices

  • Researching real estate needs given the changes in work dynamics

  • Enhancing client engagement in the post-COVID era

During the project kick off, the mentor will share the project focus and for each phase students are expected to work on different parts of the project. In addition to project explanation, students will have two check in points with the mentor to review their progress and ask questions.

The purpose of this project is to support students:

  • Work on real-life problems at PwC

  • Apply their classroom learning to an organizational challenge

  • Utilize various tools to better understand the organizational challenge

  • Develop professional skills necessary to succeed in workplace

  • Expand their network and collaborate with others


Sasan Zadeh

Senior Associate, PwC

Operational excellence (Mining, Insurance & Public sector): Led Business Process Design, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training sessions to streamline processes, define KPIs and create Operational Excellence capability as part of technology transformation projects


Peter Bowman

Senior Associate, PwC

Peter Bowman is a Senior Associate in PwC’s Digital Operations practice. He focuses on process optimization and productivity enhancements for asset intensive industries.

Yasmin Zaidi.jpg

Yasmin Zaimi

Senior Associate, PwC

Over the last 5 years, Yasmin have had the chance to work in over 10 different industries across the public and private sector. This has given her a unique lens in drawing parallels across various business and technology challenges to deliver tactical, fit-for-purpose approaches.



Learn cutting edge and real world skills, receive globally recognized certificates.



Learn from top level expert leaders in the industry, build a rapport with IBM mentors.



Directly apply education and learning in-motion projects within a corporate environment

Real Project


Engage in real work experience, partcipate in current real projects effecting the industry.

Program Outcomes

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