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Enterprise Mentorship Program


​金融分析Financial Analysis​

​时间:2021年1月11日 -2021年2月4日


Program Objective

Market analysis of Commercial Banking in Canada, with a focus on industries where we might have a gap in our portfolio and analysis of post-Covid19 risk management within Commercial Banking based on industry impact of Covid-19. The purpose of the project is to participants a clear understanding about the frameworks, policies and processes that Canadian banks use to support business clients across a variety of industries.

The importance of this project lies in the critical role that Commercial Banking franchises at large banks play in the country’s economic landscape and how they help support not just the financial industry but also the wider Canadian economy. This project will be used to better inform RBC’s Commercial Lending competitor landscape and update our risk appetite to capture market share where we might be underpenetrated.


The project targets Commercial Banking Strategy decision-makers that will be looking to identify gaps and areas of opportunity for growth and penetration with new clients as well as retention of existing clients, participants will need to be creative and thoughtful in considering how best to research for this project, using a combination of the banking sector’s publicly available information

along with more targeted information available through 3rd party media and analysis sources.

About program

WPE is a four-week Workplace Education Program that provides a virtual platform for  students in the areas of finance, business, technology and analytics. This is an opportunity for them to apply their learning in a real finance / business / technology / analytic environment to cultivate management concepts and develop skills and expertise they are unable to attain in their university studies.

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Project Objective

Research & Analysis:

  • Complete a market analysis of commercial lending and identify gaps in RBC’s current portfolio in commercial lending

  • Develop financial analysis for commercial banking portfolios containing standard as well as alternative products and services based on current market needs

  • Produce a market analysis to identify how competitive financial institutions (FI) are effectively meeting customer needs in commercial banking

  • Investigate the impact COVID-19 has had on the commercial banking industry


Yohan Mahimwala

Senior Manager, RBC

Provide financing services, advice and consulting by leveraging deep industry knowledge and expertise to provide financing to client’s across the Greater Toronto Region, specifically in the Business & Professional Services sectors.

Risk Management:

  • Develop a core understanding of how RBC establishes its risk management framework within commercial banking

  • Investigate complex issues within Group Risk Management and Commercial Lending across industries, as they relate to cash flow within businesses​

  • Innovate and design new strategies, policies, protocols, and frameworks for RBC’s risk management within commercial banking



Learn cutting edge and real world skills, receive globally recognized certificates.



Learn from top level expert leaders in the industry, build a rapport with IBM mentors.



Directly apply education and learning in-motion projects within a corporate environment

Real Project


Engage in real work experience, partcipate in current real projects effecting the industry.

Program Outcomes

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